Education costs for 457 visa holders

School fees for 457 visa holders vary in each state and it pays to do your homework before you pack your boxes, says Australian Migration and Visa Lawyers’ Philip Duncan.“The best way to find out what the requirements are for your children’s school fees is to directly approach the school you are considering,” Philip says.

If you are looking at private schools you will have to pay the standard fee schedule which varies greatly from school to school and will most likely have to pay an extra international student fee.

Regardless of whether you choose private or public, Philip says, “One thing you need to do is make sure you understand what you will have to pay for education in Australia while you are doing your sums for what life is going to be like here.

“If you’re a big Irish family with six kids, the difference between being in Queensland and NSW where I believe they charge for state schools will make a huge difference to your life.

“You also need to have a plan in your head as to when and if you’re going to move to permanent residency because if your kids go to university, you will have to pay international student fees in every state and they can be up to $20,000 which is obviously far more expensive than going as an Australian resident. It does however depend on the course being studied.”

457 Visa holder fees for government schools, per child, are as follows:

New South Wales

  • $4,500 Years kindergarten – Year 6 primary school
  • $4,500 Years 7–10 Junior high school
  • $5,500 Years 11–12 senior high school

Fees are paid in advance and a one off administration fee of $110 is also payable. Full details are at


Australian Capital Territory

  • $ 9,320 Kindergarten – Year 6 primary school
  • $12,500 Years 7-10 high school
  • $13,900 Years 11 and 12 high school

If you live in the ACT you can apply for an education fee waiver if you are involved in a job that appears on the Skilled Occupation List. For full details visit

Tasmania and the Northern Territory

457 holders are exempt from fees. In Tasmania, if you’re a temporary resident but not on a 457 (or 574) visa the exact amount payable per year per child depends on the visa type but can be no more than $5,500.

In the NT, as well as visa subclass 457, there are a number of other skilled migration visa types that are exempt from international student fees. For the full list go to:

Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia

There are no extra fees for 457 holders in these states and the only out of pocket expenses for parents are uniforms, stationery and excursions etc.



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